Feelings – The Anonymous Social Sharing App

04 May Feelings – The Anonymous Social Sharing App

I know what you are thinking.

“ANOTHER anonymous app??? Nice try, feeding on people’s privacy!!!”

I can see you rolling your eyes once we start “Wait, but this is different…”

But wait, this IS different! Let’s make a long story short with a quick list:

  1. “Feelings” is not framed, solely, as a place for users to share their secrets. It was not only about secrets, and it will never be. It’s about the full ranged rainbow of emotions you have, every day, in your daily life. We have them all the time, positive ones and negative ones, and in many cases it’s better to keep them to ourselves, at least for the moment being. Sounds like something that happens to you every day? What would you do in such a case? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Where everyone knows who you are?
  2. Clean, user-friendly design. Our philosophy is that users should naturally know how to use the app without detailed tutorials (we provide a short one in the first launch though). We’ve been playing around with the outlook and came up with a simple yet efficient design. You can’t believe how different the app is compared to the first prototype!
  3. Anonymous and safe. We mean completely anonymous. No name, phone number, birthday, etc. is required during the registration. All we ask for is your email, and even this is encrypted in our system, so nobody, not even us, can check your information. Furthermore, we have the specifically designed administration app for our team to monitor the report requests, while keeping the identities encrypted.

From the very beginning, “Feelings” was created because of you, and for your emotional well-being.

Your daily stresses, doubts, untold happiness, and ultimate need for free expression, inspired us to create a safe-haven in cyberspace for all the unknown but need-to-be-known emotions.

So, if you’re still wondering what to do with your own ‘feelings’, download the app and start your “Feelings” experience.


Or if you’re a tech wizard, just scan this code below and it will magically direct you to the Google Play Store!


Emotions should flow, not be trapped.

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